94705 TMJ Dentist

When it comes to finding quality dental care, you don’t have to look far! Here at the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, our dentist has decades of experience and provides all facets of family and cosmetic dentistry. From routine checkups and gentle emergency care, to the state-of-the-art in restorative, implant and cosmetic services for your smile, our practice is able to address the oral care needs of your entire family. As your 94705 TMJ dentist, Dr. Whitley is also highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ jaw-joint disorders. If you have been experiencing stiffness, pain or discomfort in your jaws, we can help.

94705 TMJ Dentist

With stiffness, clicking, popping or pain in the jaws, suddenly one becomes aware of daily oral function like, closing, biting, chewing, yawning and moving the mouth from side to side. Unfortunately, TMJ jaw-joint disorders are a common issue that can limit all manner of comfortable oral movement. As a 94705 TMJ dentist, Dr. Whitley is well equipped to examine your jaws, bite, and surrounding muscle in order to diagnose the precise underlying cause of your issue. TMJ disorders are highly complex and can result from a wide range of underlying issues such as misaligned teeth, arthritis, dental injury or bruxism (the chronic clenching or grinding of teeth). Depending on the unique circumstances of your jaw-joint condition, treatment can vary quite widely. In some cases when bruxism is to blame, a customized set of night guards can be worn at bedtime to maintain a safe and comfortable distance between the jaws as you sleep. Sometimes, when an uneven bite places undue strain on the jaw joints, the bite can be improved with restorations and/or occlusal adjustments to the natural teeth to eliminate minor discrepancies and help alleviate symptoms.

If you’ve been experiencing stiffness, pain, discomfort, or difficulty relating to your jaws, it’s best to schedule an appointment with our experienced 94705 TMJ dentist to learn more. To schedule your next appointment, contact the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS today!

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