Where can I find a Berkeley Family Dentist?

At the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, every member of your family will receive exceptional care! As you Berkeley family dentist, Dr. Whitley is highly experienced in addressing the dental needs of patients of all ages. From the most advanced restorative, implant, and cosmetic treatments to the state-of-the-art in preventive, pediatric and emergency dental care, you and your family members will be in excellent hands at our office. A great way to stay on top of your oral health is by scheduling checkups every six months. At any age, this practice is critical in the prevention and early detection of dental conditions. Rather than go through the trouble of scheduling appointments at different offices for each member of your family, at the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, your entire family is welcome to come and receive the gentle and compassionate dental care you each deserve.

Berkeley Family Dentist

When you come in for your checkup, your Berkeley family dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination. Carefully checking the health of your teeth, jaws, gums, and surrounding tissues of the mouth, Dr. Whitley is highly skilled in detecting the slightest indication of any dental conditions. Aided by the most advanced diagnostic technology available, she can check for a comprehensive range of dental conditions. From cavities, infections, and periodontal disease, to impacted molars and screenings for oral cancer, having the oversight of your dentist means that any issues which may arise can be addressed early on. Beyond oral exams, you’ll also benefit from a professional teeth cleaning and instructions in the best methods of homecare to make sure that any harmful plaque buildup is expertly removed from your mouth and your oral hygiene routine is most effective.

With the help of your Berkeley family dentist, you and your loved ones can continue to smile in the best of oral health. To schedule your next family visit to the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, give a call to our friendly staff at the number below today!

3031 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 296-4420



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