Where can I get 94705 Dental Implants?

It’s only natural to want the best when it comes to your smile. At the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, our experienced dentist is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care, and remains current with the latest developments in the field. Offering the most advanced treatment options for the replacement of missing teeth, the restoration of damaged teeth, or the rehabilitation of your oral health, you can depend on Dr. Whitley for your comprehensive oral healthcare needs. If you’re considering your best options for replacing missing teeth, scheduling a consultation at our office is the first step towards reestablishing the health, function and esthetics of your smile. From fully customized bridgework and dentures, to the placement of 94705 dental implants, Dr. Whitley offers the most leading-edge solutions available today.

94705 Dental Implants

Throughout history, tooth loss has traditionally been addressed above the surface of the gums. With the advent of 94705 dental implants however, a modern alternative has arisen, conferring a wide range of benefits never before thought possible. Designed with a surgical support that functions in the same way as the root of your natural tooth, dental implants insert directly into the underlying bone of the jaw, from which they extend upward to just above the gum line. The surgical support is made of a special biocompatible material which fuses directly to the bone over time. Secured with unparalleled stability, dental implants are second to none when it comes to anchoring in a dental prosthesis above. Whether used to replace single, several, or all teeth along a dental arch, implants can provide a permanent, fixed replacement for your missing teeth. And it’s not just the stability that makes implants so great. By stimulating the bone tissue, they promote jaw health and help to retain your natural facial contours. They also come the closest in replicating the performance, appearance, and feel of your natural teeth.

If you’re weighing your best options for replacing your missing teeth, you’re going to want to discuss 94705 dental implants with Dr. Whitley. To learn more about the remarkable treatment solutions currently offered at the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, give our office a call today!

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