Implant Dentist in Berkeley

Where can I find an implant dentist in Berkeley?

If your oral health concerns involve the replacement of missing teeth, taking the time out to speak with a compassionate dentist, current with the latest available treatment options can make all the difference. At the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, your experienced implant dentist in Berkeley provides the foremost restorative, prosthetic, and implant-based solutions for reestablishing your smile. Whether you stand to benefit most from the finest quality bridgework, custom dentures, or dental implants, Dr. Whitley will take the time to carefully walk you through your best options, and devise a treatment plan tailored to your comfort level, oral health and budget.

Implant Dentist in Berkeley

For patients who have lost many or all teeth along the upper or lower dental arch, complete dentures can be a suitable option. Completely customized to provide the best possible performance and appearance, your dentist uses only the highest quality restorative materials, for the highest quality results. Not only do dentures help you to reestablish the appearance of your smile, but they also support the contours of your cheeks and lips for a more natural overall esthetic. Alternatively, eligible patients may be interested in hearing about the added benefits of an implant-retained denture.

Representing the most advanced method of teeth replacement, dental implants are inserted directly into the jaw to replace missing teeth in their entirety, from the lowermost root to uppermost crown. Extending up from the jaw to just above the gum line, implants provide unrivaled stability to a number of dental prostheses. Depending on your needs and eligibility, your implant dentist in Berkeley can strategically place an implant to secure a dental crown, a permanent fixed bridge or to provide added stability to an overdenture. However they’re used, dental implants come the closest in replicating the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth.

To learn more about the remarkable replacement options your implant dentist in Berkeley can perform to restore your smile and oral health, contact the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS to schedule your consultation today!

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