What People Are Saying

Katherine Labrie

Dr. Whitley and her entire staff are the very best. They do excellent work in a comfortable, gentle, kind, efficient and professional atmosphere. I highly recommend them.

Scott J.

As always, everyone took care of me as if I was at my relative's house. Not that my relatives play with my teeth but you know what I mean.

Alan K.

Mona, the hygienist, did a great job of calmly explaining to me what she was doing. Dr. Whitley did the examination afterwards efficiently and gently. I always appreciate the care and advice I get.

Julie F.

I have always appreciated the care and concern Dr. Whitely and her team have for me. I never have felt "sold" on a procedure or like she was looking for something to do in my mouth that may not be necessary. I trust her practice completely.

Michael R.

My #1 dental team! Helen @ front desk, Mona hygienist and Dr Whitley. Always kind and caring.

Kassandre H.

I am an anxious patient. As a result of that, and the patient care that I have received in the past, I was reluctant to see a dentist. Needless to say, I am having to do quite a bit of repair work. Dr. Whitley and her staff take GREAT care of me. Dr. Whitely's approach is matter-of-fact, yet calming. She makes sure that I am comfortable and my procedure is pain free. If there is a bigger issue, and there have been several, her referrals are just as wonderful. I have had painless extractions and root canals. Dr. Whitley's staff is wonderful, too. Not only do they care about your oral care, but they do their best to help you maximize your coverage and prioritize your treatments so that you can afford the care that you need.

David G.

Sensitive, incisive, and concerned with my well-being, I actually look forward to my visits to Dr. Whitley's office and the care that Kristy provides.

Kathleen P.

Professional care at its best! Everyone in my family goes to Dr Whitley and has for more than ten years.

Aura A.

Always a pleasant experience. Dr. Whitley and her staff are wonderful!

Anne F.

Thanks to your great office! Got my cleaning done and some work that has to be done but I have to check with my doctor about the 6-week radiation 10 minute meetings. Thank you for keeping my mouth working!

Neii R.

Extremely courteous and efficient with great care to reduce or eliminate discomfort. Recommended needed home dental care in a professional and effective manner

Leslie F.

I really do not like going to the dentist, but they got me in and out quickly with minimal pain.

Shirley W.

Dr. Whitely is very good at providing information that is important for determining treatment, and she is supportive of the patient participating in the decision. Treatment in her office is very good, and both Dr. Whitely and her staff help me understand what I can do to maintain healthy teeth.

Yvette K.

I was very nervous for this visit and I'm not exactly sure why. I brought my iPod to help me relax which I have never done before. Dr. Whitley is always so patient and aware of patient comfort. I have been a patient of Dr. Whitley for 15 years. Oh! And Helen is AWESOME!! She is a real gem and I enjoy taking a few extra minutes (ok, maybe 20 minutes) to chat with her after my appointment. Thank you for being the BEST dentist I have EVER had. I have referred all of my family to Dr. Whitley, too.

Alison W.

Dr. Whitley has been my dentist since she started practicing. She is excellent at her work: she knows how to diagnose, how to fix, how to talk to you about it, how to deal with problems and/or emergencies, and how to provide superior ongoing dentistry care. I've had everything from a cavity filled to an implant (recommended to another doc) to having four teeth pulled and a significant bridge made, with orthodontry in between to make my teeth strong enough to sustain all the work. From start to finish, she has been professional and helpful. The docs she recommends for other work, such as the implant doc, the orthodondist, and a periodontist, are all excellent too. Even her office staff is superior.

Alex D.

My girlfriend and friends suggested Dr. Robin Whitley. A great choice!! She is efficient, to the point, and really nice! I love my experience here (even if they have to drill into my teeth). I'm glad this is my new dentist!

Barry P.

I've been going to Dr. Whitley for around 5 years, she and her staff are always first rate professionals, very competent, do excellent work, flexible w. appointments, and friendly. I highly recommend her.

Joan C.

This appointment was for cleaning -- Dr Whitley did check after the hygienist was finished and she seemed satisfied with her observation. This was my first meeting with this hygienist and I would give her a grade of B- relative to another of Dr. Whitley's hygienists.

Katherine L.

Dr. Whitley and every member her staff are the very best! Kind, gentle, effective, professional. I always learn new ways to improve on my own dental routine. Dr. Whitley explains clearly any procedure that is necessary and what might possibly be needed in the future so you can have a long range dental maintenance plan. She really helps in making the best decisions. The office equipment and training is up to the minute. I started going to Dr. Whitley many years ago as a very nervous patient, and now I am even relaxed when I have my appointments! I highly recommend Dr. Whitley and staff.

Chris Y.

I have been going to Dr. Whitley for my dental needs for over a decade. She listens gives you her best advise and alternatives for the best approach for your dental care but let's you decide which dental plan works best for you. Dr. Whitley is alway gentle but efficient as is her office staff Helen and Kristi. Instead of "dreading " going to the Dentist the whole visit and experience is relaxed and even "pleasant." Definitely the BEST DENTIST I HAVE EVER HAD! Thanks C.Y. El Cerrito C.A.

John C.

Dr. Robin Whitley has been my dentist since she started her practice in 1991. Since then, it has never occurred to me for an instant to move to another dentist. Dr. Whitley’s skills are superb, from extracting a tooth (only once) to filling a tooth (not too often) to preparing a tooth for a crown (twice), all with great attention to detail and absolutely no pain. She really cares about doing absolutely the best possible dental work. I remember watching with admiration as Dr. Whitley filed to shape a temporary crown she had just made so that it fitted perfectly the stump of my tooth. I greatly appreciate the fact that when I have a dental problem she presents and discusses the various options before we decide on a course of action. Dr. Whitley never appears rushed, and takes time to ask after my life in general and how my family is doing. At the same time, her hygienists are top rate, and clean my teeth with great patience and, needless to say, no pain. Finally her receptionist is just the best. She always finds an appointment for me that works with my rather hectic schedule, and on more than one occasion has made an appointment at very short notice for a visitor who has an urgent dental problem. If you need a dentist, you cannot possibly do better than Dr. Whitley’s practice.

Theresa W.

Professional, personable, considerate! I'm glad I found Dr Whitley! You know she loves what she does and she is very good at it too! I would recommend Dr Whitley to everyone!

Flora R.

Appreciate Dr. Whitley and her staff. Professional & makes going to the dentist pleasant.

Michael G

LONGEVITY OF EXCELLENT CARE is the best way to describe the quality of all aspects of Dr. Whitley's dental practice...Medical skills, knowledge, and personality done in an impeccable environment, supported by well trained Hygienists and Office Manager. From Michael Goldman, a very satisfied patient.

Karen Boyden

As usual, great, friendly service- A very positive experience.

Steve T.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Whitley to anyone in search of a dentist. No pain in getting a crown and it fits perfectly. A+ to everyone at the office.

Jonelyn W.

Appreciated the advice on checking the meds against my inflamed gums