Where can I get 94705 Dental Implants?

If you’re in need of replacements for missing teeth, finding an experienced, compassionate dentist, who offers the latest treatment options can make all the difference. At the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS, our experienced dentist has earned a reputation for providing exceptional quality care, and results, for patients throughout the Berkeley community. Whether you stand to benefit most from the highest quality custom bridgework, dentures, 94705 dental implants, or implant-retained prostheses, Dr. Whitley is fully prepared to develop a personalized plan of treatment that suits your comfort level, budget, and overall treatment goals.

94705 Dental Implants

Our dentist is well versed in the unique challenges faced by patients missing teeth. One of the things that distinguish our practice is the holistic approach that we take to restoring your smile. We don’t view replacing lost teeth as a mere functional issue—it’s a matter of restoring your overall quality of life. As such, our dentist remains current with the latest advances in the field to offer you the most leading-edge treatment options. For the state-of-the-art in replacing single, several or all teeth along the upper or lower jaw, you’re going to want to discuss the possibilities with 94705 dental implants. Unlike other prosthetic options, which have traditionally rested above the gumline, with dental implants an artificial tooth root is inserted directly into the jaw. Modeled after the roots of your natural teeth, this surgically implanted root is fabricated with a special biocompatible material, making it possible to fuse directly to the bone over time. Extending upward from the jaw, to just above the gumline, implants can be used to anchor a custom crown, fixed bridge, or denture and provides unrivaled stability. And because they integrate directly with the underlying bone, dental implants provide the continuing stimulation that is needed to help to retain the natural contours of your face.

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities with 94705 dental implants or any of our other customized solutions for reestablishing your smile, plan on scheduling your next consultation at the office of Robin N. Whitley DDS today!

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